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Our goal is to empower people to make informed decisions, move forward and / or progress in their chosen careers

ACE Workplace Learning is a versatile company with a team of qualified and experienced careers advisers, tutors and trainers. We specialise in supporting individuals to make informed decisions about their careers. We also understand the importance for businesses and organisations to develop the skills of their workforce in order to improve productivity and performance.

To achieve all this we offer:

  • Individual face to face career guidance interviews
  • Bespoke workshops on any aspect of career planning tailored to meet the needs of your group
  • Action plans detailing the next steps required
  • Follow up support as required
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Initial assessments to ascertain current levels of English and Maths

One to One

A careers interview will enable our clients to recognise and fulfil their potential, equipping them with the skills, knowledge, resilience, confidence¬†and sense of identity they need…


Below are examples of workshops which we currently offer, however we can also provide bespoke and tailored workshops to meet your specific needs:

Redundancy Support

We understand the pressure that employers face in providing the appropriate level of support for staff. We also understand the uncertainty and fears that…

Training / Courses

ACE Workplace Learning offers employers a programme of support to staff, free of charge, through our National Careers Service contract. Our workshops are designed to provide

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